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Nutrition Consultation -Brief (30 minutes or less)

Price: $160.00
Personal diet and supplement recommendations by phone or on the internet (VOIP) including written summary.  After completing a basic profile and privacy document we set up a convenient time.  You can send questions ahead or a list of current supplements for review.  This is a great opportunity to have an unbiased nutrition expert who isn't trying to pitch you a lot of expensive supplements take care of your personalized health needs.  Feedback has included such comments as "She was excellent" and "This was the most valuable hour of my life - Carolyn helped me understand so much"
Carolyn's advice is kind, compassionate, wise, non-judgmental and helpful.  She gives practical solutions and sees through sales pitches to give you the real story behind so many nutritional claims.  Your health is the goal of your personalized nutrition appointment.

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